Divorce is rated as the second most stressful life event after losing a spouse or child. The Yee Law Firm, P.C. is therefore quite aware that proceeding with a divorce requires the utmost professionalism and guidance to a client. That is why we believe in access to the attorney with personalized attention and feedback via email during representation. In cases where there are children and substantial property and debt to divide Angela S. Yee is ready to listen to a client’s needs to resolve conflicts between the parties diligently and for the best interest of the client. For non-contested cases we can only represent one party and not both.

Issues that arise are:

  1. Maintenance and division of assets
  2. Child Custody terms
  3. Tax Filing Implications and Child Issues
  4. Child Support Calculations, Form 14
  5. Educational Expenses of the Children
  6. Domestic Violence/ restraining orders
  7. Concealing of Marital Assets
  8. Drug and Alcohol issues
  9. Supervised visitation
  10. Unemployed spouse
  11. Marital home sale
  12. Business joint ownership
  13. Children with special needs
  14. Out of state spouse and visitation for the out of state parent
  15. Relocation Statue Provisions
  16. Division of Joint Debts and Property
  17. Post- Dissolution matters
  18. Child and or parent psychological evaluations

The practice of law is an art and each case is determined by its specific set of its own facts, including number and age of the children, occupations of the parties, whether there is extended family to assist with child care, special health and medical needs of the parents or children, education and earning potential of each spouse, length of marriage, division of assets before filing for divorce, joint accounts and title holders of certain property to be kept separate. Seeking counsel from an experienced divorce attorney can save you much aggravation and delay in reaching your desired outcome.