Real Estate/ Landlord tenant law

In Missouri the procedure for eviciton can be lengthy and cause a landlord uncesessary delay if not initited properly. Retaining a lawyer that knows what to file and how to resolve a case can be well worth the investment of hiring competent counsel. Please call Angela to discuss the details of your situation when a tenant is faling to pay rent on time or causing problems that may disrupt the right to quite enjoyment of your other tenants. 

The drafting of a clear and well thought out lease with terms to protect a landlord is paramount to protecting your property and investment. Angela is well versed in the clauses that can protect a landlord from added expenses and headache when a lease leaves out the scenarios that give landlords problems. Outlining from the beginning all your expectations and rules to your tenant at the start makes being a landlord less stressful and more rewarding. Aside from a solid credit and job history the lease is the landlord's best tool. Let Angela assist you in refining your lease or drafting the lease to meet your specific goals and expectations for a smooth and profitable landlording experience.